Rebecca is a Brazilian professional dancer, instructor and choreographer trained in Oriental Dance and Fusion Bellydance. Her dancing journey began at the age of 13 when she started Ballet and other dance styles such as Jazz, Tap Dance and Samba. Five years ago she discovered her real passion and vocation and was determined to start a career as a professional belly dancer.

Rebecca is fully dedicated to teaching, performing and studying both styles. She holds regular classes in Copenhagen and Roskilde, teaching from Sunday to Thursday in the following dance studios: U-turn Dance Studio and El Studio, where she teaches from beginner to intermediate and advanced level.

In the past she had the opportunity to learn Fusion Bellydance from Zoe Jakes, Sara Lyn, and Joline Andrade, from whom she had successfully completed the advanced certified training course. Rebecca has studied Oriental Dance with the master instructor Soraia Zaied, from whom she has learned the Egyptian style and its nuances, as well as cultural studies during two years of regular classes. She recently has finished the Choreography Course in Oriental Dance  offered by Mahaila El Helwa.

Rebecca is always looking to update her knowledge as a professional to keep offering the best for her students and audience. She has performed several times in Denmark and Sweden, especially in private events such as henna parties, engagement parties, weddings, birthday parties and also in shisha lounges and restaurants. 

In her classes, she encourages her students to use their creativity to develop their style and express their uniqueness while seeking to improve their technique. She makes sure to create a safe environment where each student can develop their dance in their own time, respecting the learning process of each of them.